The Poetry Emporium

OWP’s Poetry Emporium is a donation-based supermarket where you hire me to write a personalized poem for you or someone in your circle.


Provide me with a flavor, an idea, a thought, a dream you’ve had, or any collection of words that might inspire me, and I’ll produce for you:

Burlington, VT

Burlington, VT

  • a free-verse rambling prose poem

  • a haiku or two

  • a pop (haiku with no restrictions)

  • a letter

  • a short essay

  • or a formed poem, such as a sonnet.

Or maybe you need a love letter for someone or a poetic grocery list or hate mail to an actor or an ode to a pomegranate. Tell me what you desire, and I’ll create it.

My preference is to send work written by typewriter. But I’m currently not traveling with one, so, until I reunite with my own, I’ll simply email you a PDF file of the poem. However, if you catch me with a typewriter on hand, I’ll happily mail the piece to your door.


Price Per Piece

As stated above, this is completely donation based. Whatever price you think the poem is worth is the amount you pay.

I’ve set up shop on the street with my typewriter in a similar fashion and have received payments from a cup of hot green tea to $50 for a 7 to 10 line poem. Those were written on demand and couldn’t be edited due to the absence of a backspace button.

Street Writing in Burlington, VT 2012

Street Writing in Burlington, VT 2012

The only difference with the Poetry Emporium and poetry on the street is that in the Emporium I’ll spend more time producing, editing (or not editing), polishing, and sending the poem to you.

You can send money through PayPal.


How To Proceed

Shoot me an email at with your order from the Poetry Emporium.

In the email, please include the following:

  • the words “Poetry Emporium” in the subject box

  • your name and address

  • whom the poem is for

  • what form of poetry you’re seeking (if you have a preference)

  • what content you desire


Your poem will be delivered within a 7-9 days of my responding to your email. . . unless, of course, I’m out climbing a mountain for a week, caught in a sewer somewhere, or stuck in a ruin without internet.

In that case, I’ll respond as soon as I’m back in range.


Donations are used to advance my writing through travels.

Collaborating stories with friends

Collaborating stories with friends

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