Pulling garlic on a farm in Georgia. 2012

I make money in various ways while on the road. From farming, to housesitting, to busking, to mentoring. I try not to spend too much on things I can find for cheap or free like food, transportation, and places to sleep.
But money is a great thing to have, especially while traveling.
So, I’ve created this page on OWP to open a door for donations for my travels. Honestly, this was a very reluctant choice of mine, but I think I’m offering something worth following.

Hitchhiking west. 2012

Please, don’t donate if:

  • you don’t support this lifestyle
  • you don’t find my writing worth reading
  • you simply don’t want to

Please, donate if:

  • you actually support what I am doing
  • you enjoy what you read on this blog
  • you have a genuine desire to spare money to young artists

I’m only seeking support from people who genuinely support what I’m doing. Pats on the back, critical feedback, and the fact that you all are reading my work are just as worthy to me as things like money. (Maybe even more so. . .)
Thank you for your support and continuous interest in my life. See you on the road.


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