Photo: Brenna Levitin

That’s me, to the right. Cameron. I’m sitting outside a bookshop in Paris reading Henry Miller.

I’m a young writer and an old traveler.


One Wandering Poet is a hub for rambling poetic prose and fictional stories from the road. The inspiration comes from my movements through the world, and the people I may have met there.
Some posts are open ended rough sketches of potential parts in books, some are ramblings, others are just for fun.


Here you can read the brew of my thoughts on life as a migrant and view some of the photos I’ve snapped during these quests.

3 thoughts on “Author

  1. Look at you! So exciting all of your travels! I will be back to browse for sure! Be well. 🙂

  2. sue patterson

    Hey Cameron! I’m so excited for your book! I’ll check back here when you get it done, and link to it in the Unschooling Blog Carnival. It should go out around May 1.
    Every little bit of publicity helps, right? Congrats on all of it!!


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