The Release of “Mud Foot”


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The Release of “Mud Foot”

After months of traveling, writing, rewriting, editing, reading, rereading, and editing even more, I’ve finally completed my first polished collection of work.

And with generous donations from a lot of you and support from friends, family and other writers, Mud Foot: Highway Prose & Poetry is now a tangible book!

You can purchase a copy of Mud Foot at The Book Patch, an online bookstore. Click the cover to the right if you’d like to purchase my book, and after you’ve read it, please post a review.

* * *

In two days I fly across the Caribbean Islands to Puerto Rico where I’ll jump on a ferry to a small island called Vieques to live in a cabin within a wildlife refuge. I’ll have no electricity, running water, internet, or telephone, so I’ll be out of touch (mostly) for the month of May. During that time I plan to read a dozen books, write letters, catch mangos and fish, practice yoga, and write about solitude and island life via typewriter and pen.

So, please forgive my absence during that time, and know my appreciation to all of my readers exceeds any words I could ever muster.

Thank you all for you support with this project!

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5 thoughts on “The Release of “Mud Foot”

  1. well done Cameron. people often say that i’m living a life they dream about. well, dude – you’re doing some stuff *I* dream about – way to go! and have a FANTASTIC time on that island (you’ll have to let me know how you hooked that up!!) 🙂

  2. Betty

    Just wondering if there is somewhere one could see parts of your book just to get a feel for the flavor of it.

  3. Ordered 3. Can’t wait to read the whole thing and I bought 2 extras because I just KNOW they’ll make great gifts!

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