Fundraising for “Mud Foot”

Dear readers,

I’ve been contemplating the various methods of fundraising a short book I’ve written called Mud Foot: Highway Prose & Poetry.

New Zealand 2013Photo: Casey Hartman

New Zealand 2013
Photo: Casey Hartman


What in hell is it?

Mud Foot is a fictional narrative of experiences based on my life as a traveler.

It’s a collection of short stories and poetry that I’ve assembled by picking through journals, notebooks, napkins, receipts, and pant-legs during the past few years of my hitchhiking around the States.

Aside from another session of edits from my editor and finishing the cover, Mud Foot is basically complete.



I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about this.

I’ve considered using platforms like IndieGogo and Kickstarter to raise money (in the quadruple digits) to pay expensive “professional” freelance cover designers, copy editors, interior designers, indexers etc. whom I found online but didn’t know personally… and offering “perks” (like books, bookmarks, stickers, post cards, etc.) to those who contributed.

I’ve also considered not fundraising at all and paying for all of the above myself.

Now, with a handful of obstacles and months of thinking and rethinking about how to do this morally, with integrity, and my own way, I’ve decided to create (in addition to writing) the feel and life of this book myself.

Aside from my editor (a friend from Wisconsin) and a cover artist (a friend from New Orleans), this is a very personalized and unique project.

Mud Foot will be printed using a small independent publishing website called

What I ask of you…

To pay my two friends and for an ISBN, I need about $350. If 30 people donate $10 – $20, we’ll reach the goal easily. I’m really not asking for more than that.

If extra money is raised, it will go towards my traveling and writing another book or collection of stories. 

A modest donation will make me smile just right. If you don’t donate, I do hope that you’ll read it.


Paris, France 2011

Paris, France 2011

What you get…

“Perks” (like on Kickstarter) cost more money and use a lot of materials that I’d rather not put into landfills (like paper, plastic, packaging, tape, etc.). These “perks” usually grow based on the amount of money you donate.

In my case, instead of offering more or less, I’d simply like to include your name in my book as someone who helped produce Mud Foot. Whether your donation is $1 or $100, I will include your name below a poem of gratitude written for those who supported the project.


How to Donate…

You can send a check made out to Cameron Lovejoy to 118 Steeplechase South Columbia, SC 29209 or send it through Paypal to Please also include your full name (or how you’d like me to acknowledge you) so that I can credit you in the book.

* * *

I plan to hold the final copy of Mud Foot in my hands by April 20 and have it on sale at soon after that.

Click here for an excerpt so you know what you’re getting into.


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One thought on “Fundraising for “Mud Foot”

  1. michael lovejoy

    nice man im super excited to read it. We will be getting back into the country around that time so its perfect
    best of wishes

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