Leonard.    [A Short Story]


The sun was hot on the highway. A soft white burn was turning my cheeks rose red. I hadn’t packed a hat with a brim, so I held my cardboard sign over my head to avoid the sting. With marker I’d written on it ATL with a small question mark to specify that I going to Atlanta, Georgia. I wasn’t actually going to the city, but rural town 40 miles East for some farm work. I needed to make a few extra dollars before I crossed the continent to California.
It was getting dull standing on the same stretch of highway for two hours. Never got a bite. Not one engaged blinker. Some folks honked in support, one or two people waved, but most ignored me. The best reaction I received, however, was a short elderly woman, about 96, with her granny-afro face stuck up against the passenger window wearing glasses and a big grin with her thumb up in applause. That made me grin back and enjoy the rest of my afternoon.. . .
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2 thoughts on “Leonard.

  1. Loved it! Would love to read more of those!! Take us along! 🙂

  2. Ben

    Excellent! Loved his parting works about love to you.

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