Lindy Hops

Lindy Hops

let’s swing out
k out the back,
sho o o oting by TeXas Thomas,
the swing out scholar
of tomorrow’s
snaz z z zy hip hOpster
on the in and out
swing out
rag time rhyme,
the bread and butteR jam spin s p ec t acu l a r ,
tucking and
to the s pi ns and sins
and grin reactions

of j u mp ing

and teasing,
ping and faking out
the person on your
Charleston side,
in circle kiCKs
and hack saw pumps,
the paws and

j u m p s

of your partner
bouncing, h o ppi ng
and digg
ing into the ground
like vOles in summer
while the drummer
sweats and the saxman
blOws and the
bass crows
and the k e y s
trip, , ,, the trumpet’s
banter, it’s mad,
in and out of everything,
e v e r y where infinite,
swiftly the woogieboogie blues,
the lindy hop hOOplow,
the jive jump jitter bug tug,
it’s the new era of the swing . . … . . … . . … . . … . . … . . …
Written in Columbia, SC 2012
Author’s Thoughts: This poem is intended to be a very lindy hoppy swingin’ poem ’bout lindy hopping, the swing dance. I’m curious to know how a reader might read this, so, please share your experience. Did it look like the lindy looks, feel like the music feels? [Unfortunately, this blog server doesn’t let me space the text as I would on other word processors, so it’s not quite improper enough.]

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4 thoughts on “Lindy Hops

  1. Ben

    I can’t say from experience how the lindy looks, but my imagination includes a large wooden dance floor with saw dust with cigarette smoke through a black and white prism lingering overhead. People are yelling in time to the blasts from the trumpet player, and stuff is happening.

  2. Kate

    It’s got a whole lotta Southern.

  3. Katelyn

    Not quite improper enough 😉 I like it! Felt like I was lindy hopping

  4. rains

    That was what I was going to say – go even further with messing with the lines and size of letters. reminds me of ee cummings. I like it.

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