Pen Addiction

Pen Addiction
Once you begin keeping a journal it becomes an addiction, and you’re done for. Writing becomes a craving, a ritual, a release. You’ll be constantly forced to write about the people you meet and the sudden stories of your life. That’s all being alive will be once you pick up a pen; stories.
You can simply cease your pen from scribbling, or your fingers from tapping, but once you foolishly attempt this bold move your mind will become dangerously clogged with voices and letters and words and poems like a junk food artery, or a choked toilet. And the only way to drain it all and become healthy and rational again is to surrender every thought to abundant papers. It’s a tremendous relief; like defecating after three years of constipation. It’s your high; your fixation; your only elude. It’s as real as morphine or the moon. And just like a journey to the moon, or a slow shot of morphine, it’s indescribable euphoria at the tips of your trembling fingers.

Written in Newborn, GA 2010

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One thought on “Pen Addiction

  1. Blake Boles

    I think I know the inspiration for this post, or at least the analogy… *coughSouthParkcough*

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