No One Else

No One Else

no one else could hear it:
a midnight promenade
for two lonely
neatly tangled in headphone
wires, tired,
beneath kitchen lamps
by coffee cups,
going the lengths gone
with warm wrapped arms

where your head rests
softly against mine,
like an airport farewell
and i notice your
eyes shut soundly
behind me,
and we
relax intact
with puddle muscles
and subtle smells
of soft hair and new skin,
as the intentional press
of your chest
to my chest
leads our steps
to the whine grind sounds
of sweet strings and sad poetry
slowly navigating
our content, contiguous

i’m appeased
as tea
with you held
against me

Author’s Thought: One late night, I had the pleasure of blues dancing with a lovely girl to a song that played solely in our ears. Since there were headphones connecting the two of us together, I was unable to initiate turns and spins during the dance. But that certainly did not inhibit the pleasure and intensity of our engagement that night.

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